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Tunes I've arranged in 3-finger
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Book Review - Earl Scruggs and the 5-String Banjo
Like Earl and his unique style, this book was historic when it was first released and its significance has
not diminished over time. It is a "must have" book for any serious bluegrass banjoist.
New to the banjo? Can't find a teacher? No worries . . .
There are plenty of fine instruction books available.

Today, there are hundreds of books, CD's and DVD's available to help banjoists at any
level, from beginner to advanced. And thanks to the Internet, they are available to anyone,
anywhere, at the click of a mouse.

Here, at, I'll be posting my thoughts and impressions on books
that I've found helpful. If my experiences can help aspiring banjoists to find books that will
help them on their journey, then I will have accomplished my goal.
Book Review - Hal Leonard Banjo Method (Books 1 and 2)
I use the Hal Leonard Banjo Method when teaching my own beginner students. I find the books to be
very well paced, with new concepts and technical maneuvers introduced at a gentle pace, with lots of
practical examples in the tunes.