About this site . . .
I've been playing 5-string banjo for about 30 years now, and it continues to be a source
of great enjoyment for me, whether I'm playing something simple I've known for years or
whether I'm trying to learn a complicated new piece. Recently, I've begun teaching
beginner students in my hometown of Winnipeg and it's been a privilege for me to be
able to introduce students to an instrument that I've enjoyed for so many years.

If you are new to the banjo, the best investment you can make (besides the actual
purchase of your instrument) is in some face-to-face lessons with a capable teacher.
However, if you're like I was (and like many, many people who take up 5-string banjo)
you may not have a teacher nearby. In that case, a good instruction book will be
invaluable. I know that if it hadn't been for a handful of books that I was able to acquire
early on, I'd have probably given up years ago. I eventually did take lessons when I was
able, but I was able to learn most of my basic technical skills on my own, from books.

Today, there are hundreds of books, CD's and DVD's available to help banjoists at any
level, from beginner to advanced. And thanks to the Internet, they are available to
anyone, anywhere, at the click of a mouse.

Here, in my small corner of the web, I'll be posting my thoughts and impressions on
books that I've found helpful. If my experiences can help aspiring banjoists to find books
that will help them on their journey, then I will have accomplished my goal.